Welcome to the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust

The Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust (OART) was formed in 2011 from the amalgamation of the Sussex Ouse Conservation Society and the River Adur Conservation Society. It is a registered charity and a member of the national body now known as The Rivers Trust (formerly the Association of Rivers Trusts).

OART is dedicated to the environmental protection and enhancement of the Sussex River Ouse, the River Adur, their tributaries and impoundments.

Our work…

The activities of the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust are diverse and include but are not limited to:

  • River restoration projects
  • Provision and easement of fish passage
  • Riparian habitat restoration, enhancement & creation, including floodplain woodland planting
  • Partnership working with the Environment Agency and other organisations on riverine projects
  • Biological and chemical monitoring of water quality
  • Walkover River Habitat Surveys as the basis for catchment restoration plans
  • Sea trout monitoring
  • Lobbying and campaigning to protect the ecology of the Ouse & Adur catchment
Bevern Stream - Backwater creation


Click here to find out more about the river restoration and survey projects OART have undertaken as well as our series of community Water Fairs. Also in this section you can find out which events we will be attending throughout the course of the year.

River surveys

Task Force

The Task Force objective is to maintain and improve the habitats of our river and its many tributaries. Not just for our satisfaction, but for the benefit of future generations, and of course the ecology of the river systems. Find information on our next series of task force events and how you can get involved.

Sea trout redd on Northend Stream (Sussex Ouse)

Sea Trout

OART undertake annual surveys of Sea Trout redds across the catchment, monitoring changes in distribution and enabling us to plan future maintenance work to clean areas which have become smothered in silt. Find out more and how you can get involved.

Sam St.Pierre testing river water samples

Water Quality Monitoring

For many years OART (and its predecessors) have been undertaking water quality testing across the catchment. Click here to find out more about what we do and see the latest results from the catchment.


Jim the Fish

Jim's Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

Water Tests performed

Km of River Surveyed

Redds Counted

Weirs Removed

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