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OART Receives Recognition for its Work

We are delighted to announce that the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust have received two awards for its Enhancing Places, Inspiring Communities (EPIC) project. In October the team were awarded second place in the prestigious UK River Prize and received the River Restoration Centre Trophy which recognises “the best in river restoration and catchment management”. You can watch the video summarising the project and its achievements here

Also in October we received a Gold Standard Award for ecosystem restoration from the United Nations Association – Climate & Oceans for the EPIC project as part of their Generation Restoration Campaign. The UNA said “We are incredibly excited to welcome you, are really impressed by the impact you have already had on this community and look forward to seeing how this space will now flourish”. 

These awards are gratefully received on behalf of our partners and funders, the Sompting Estate Trust, Heritage Fund, Environment Agency, Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd, Sussex Community Foundation (Rampion Fund), Sompting Big Local and South Downs Trust. Equally important is the local community who have supported and helped deliver all elements of the project, we thank you all.

To find out more about this project visit our project pages here

Our Work

We are a registered charity working to protect, restore and enhance the rivers, streams, estuaries and lakes within the catchment. Our roots are in the local area and we work closely with communities, business and partner organisations to educate and inform as well as deliver projects  focused on improving the environment for both wildlife and people. Take a more in-depth look at the work we do and the projects we deliver

Get Involved

Find out more about how you can support the Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust. Whether you fancy joining our regular practical Task Force or helping in our citizen science water quality monitoring, assisting with events or walking the river to monitor sea trout there really is something for everyone. Or why not become a member of the Trust and support our work and projects whilst receiving regular newsletters and information on our activities. 

Know Your River

Our catchment covers parts of East & West Sussex, incorporating a diverse range of rivers, streams, brooks and lakes which flow through over 2,000 landholdings and both urban and rural environments. Despite their proximity, the two river corridors are different in character although the primary issues and concerns remain the same. So find out more about your rivers or why not get involved with our work.

We’re building a new River!



Since 2016 we have been working to deliver a flagship project, daylighting a 1km section of the Broadwater Brook in Worthing and installing measures to remove urban pollutants. Find out more about this project and its wide range of activities by clicking on the logo.


Natural Flood Management 

Working with nature to slow and store water as it moves through the catchment, Natural Flood Management is a core area of our work. Over the past few years we have delivered floodplain woodland and leaky dams, re-meandered sections of channel and created storage ponds and delivered surface water management schemes such as rain gardens and rainbox planters. Delivering a wide range of interventions across the landscape adds up to provide the benefits we are seeking and provides hydrological benefits during both flooding and drought.

We are delighted to have started a catchment scale project on the River Adur. In partnership with the Environment Agency and supported by a wide range of stakeholders we will be working across the network of waterways to develop and deliver projects which reduce peak flows, protect homes and improve the hydrology and ecology of the river system. Find out more about our Natural Flood Management work in Hassocks and through the Lewes District by clicking here


Latest news

EPIC Project Year Two

We are delighted to have had over 2000 people get involved with our EPIC project activities over the past two years. Lockdowns have seen us create a lot of online content which can be viewed here. We hope to be back up and running soon so why not find out how you can get involved with Enhancing Places, Inspiring Communities.

Trees, Trees, Trees

A further 2,000 trees have been planted over the winter of 2020/21. Making the most of December we ran small groups of volunteers to plant trees on the Woodsmill Stream and along the main River Adur. This takes our total to 23,000 trees planted over the last 6 years, adding shade to the channel and intercepting surface water flows and reducing the amount of sediment entering the channels. 

A Book on the Rivers

OART chairman Hew Prendergast has published a  book on the Ouse & Uck – two fine rivers of central Sussex! Against a background of the historical role of the Ouse & Uck, this booklet describes current issues and sets out some of the activities underway to solve them. Cost: £7 (including p&p), email hew.prendergast@oart.org.uk. 

Keeping Rivers Healthy

Water is essential to all aspects of life, from eating and drinking to recreation and wildlife you can’t deny that rivers are a part of our lives as well as our landscape. We work to ensure these natural assets are looked after today and for future generations. Help us to protect your rivers.


funds a suite of water testing in our laboratory

funds 5m of gravel spawning beds for fish

funds a school visit to engage children with nature

The Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust

OART is a membership based organisation dedicated to the environmental protection and enhancement of the Sussex River Ouse and Adur including their tributaries, estuaries and still waters. 

The Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust (OART) is a registered charity (No: 1082447) formed in 2011 from the amalgamation of two long-standing local organisations, the River Adur Conservation Society and Sussex Ouse Conservation Society.

Contact us at info@oart.org.uk


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