Jim’s Diary May – July 2014

First of all thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages while I was ill. I am now fully recovered and have been given a clean bill of health.

In early May I had a trip to the Fenlands of the Great Ouse and River Nene. What a change from our own Ouse valley. The Fenlands are so wide open. There were fighter planes using parts of the Wash as a firing range. I could not help but to think back to the era of the old Lancaster Bomber with the numerous airfields in the area. It must have been quite a sight in wartime to see them crossing over the coast on yet another mission. I visited the huge Denver Sluice at the bottom of the Great Ouse. There were places with odd names like the lock sluice on the river Nene called the Dog in a Doublet. I last visited the Denver Sluice many years ago with the man who was the Sussex Fisheries Superintendent of the time. We had a pilot from Denver to King