Landowner & Stakeholder Workshops

Working together to improve the environment

Being a small organisation that undertakes a lot of on the ground projects to deliver real improvements to the river system we at OART realise the importance of working in partnership, not just with other organisations but with the general public, landowners and wider stakeholder groups such as angling clubs.

Through the course of undertaking river restoration projects we engage with landowners and those stakeholder groups which are likely to be impacted by our works, however, with over 2000 landowners in the catchment it is clear that only talking to those we are undertaking projects with would not cover the majority. As such, often in partnership with other organisations with the same objectives as OART, we organise landowner workshops to inform of our works and discuss issues such as soil management, pesticide use, the benefits of buffer strips and trees along the river and issues around flooding.

In addition to these workshops we have also undertaken focused engagement with stakeholder groups such as angling clubs and Canoe England in respect of our works, specifically around the removal of weirs which can give the perception of draining the river channel of water.

To discover what’s planned view our list of forthcoming events or visit our news section.


Jims Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

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