OART Projects

The practical work OART undertakes to enhance the catchments
We take a systematic approach to delivering a wide range of improvements to the water environment across our catchment. Wherever possible, evidence is used from across the catchment, country and even across the world to inform on options to deliver projects which secure a better future for our environment and all those who enjoy it.

Through a comprehensive series of walkover surveys across the catchment we have a detailed picture of over 180km of the main river network which enables a focuses approach to river improvements. We work to improve connectivity and hydrological conditions through the removal of barriers, create conditions for in-channel habitat to develop in sustainable ways and work with landowners and farmers to maximise riparian habitat opportunities.

As well as specific river restoration projects we work with local communities to provide natural flood management solutions to reduce the impact of surface water during heavy rainfall. Click on the boxes below to find out more about the work we do to improve the local environment.

Our projects and work is not just delivered by our small team of staff, we are forever indebted to our teams of volunteers who dedicate their time to collecting data and monitoring the health of the rivers. Monthly chemical water testing (for Phosphate, Nitrate and Ammonia) is undertaken within sub-catchments and fortnightly freshwater invertebrate sampling is also undertaken on the River Ouse, run by our resident expert Sam St. Pierre.

Our volunteers also assist in delivering river improvements and planting the thousands of trees we get in the ground each year to provide shading and habitat for the rivers and streams. Our annual sea trout watch sees numerous interested volunteers monitor a section of river to count redds and report back on the health and activity of this enigmatic species.

So our work is diverse and delivered in a diverse way, we certainly wouldn’t be as successful without all the input from member of the public who want to get involved.

Bevern Stream - finished backwater
Community event fair

Restoration Projects

Find out more about OARTs river restoration work including the double award winning MORPH project and the sister ARPHA projects, backwater creation, eel and fish passage improvements and much more. More info…

Community Events

Learn more about our work with communities across the catchment including Water Fairs, Landowner Workshops and working with schools. More info…

Sussex Ouse - Sutton Hall Weir
Sam St Pierre water testing

Walkover Surveys

OART are conducting a series of walkover surveys across the catchment in order to boost our knowledge and provide information which will be used to form future strategies. More info…

Water Quality

Our monitoring programme includes both chemical and biological tests across the catchment. More info…

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