On-site Ecology

Not only are we creating c 2ha of wetland through the new river corridor we are also building two new ponds and changing the neighbouring field from arable to a wildflower grazing meadow. As such an important part of the EPIC project is seeing what difference has been made to the ecology of both the stream itself and the surrounding landscape and being able to maximise new habitats by creating hedgerows, planting trees and creating a number of different in-channel habitats. 

We hope to see increased diversity and abundance across many taxonomic groups and are hosting a number of different opportunities for people to get involved. From our Helping Hands for Harvest Mice Citizen Science project to Bat Walks, Bioblitz Events and Freshwater Invertebrate Sampling there is something for everyone to get involved in no matter what your interest or level of knowledge. 

For more information on events and activities or to register as one of our regular habitat volunteers contact linda.kerrison@oart.org.uk