We have successfully completed phase one of the works! On 16th August the new route of the Broadwater Brook channel was opened and water flowed through it for the first time. It has been challenging and at times a little fraught but we as a team are delighted and on a personal note it makes the last four years of planning the project worth it. These projects are always a bit shocking immediately after the contractors leave as the site is bare ground with bare river banks and often initial blooms of algae as everything settles down, but already we are excited about what this will look like this time next year and into the future. So now we have a new channel the next step is to transform it and the surrounding area into a haven for wildlife and people. 

We need help with the next phase and are always looking for people to come out and get involved in activities such as tree planting, seeding the meadows and creating the river habitats. So join our mailing list and get involved in this once in a lifetime project. I look forward to seeing you on the river soon.