Jim’s Diary Winter 2014/15


5th November started with a cold and frosty morning just right for the annual Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations. It was fine and cold and I had a very enjoyable evening in Lewes. Earlier I had watched for Sea Trout running up through the Mills and saw several and more on the Uck at Isfield Sluice. There was a lot of heavy rain the next day but no fish showing at the Mills although I saw six of various sizes at the sluice in Isfield where there is a large fish pass to the upper river. On the 11th I walked to the Mills in a small flood where I saw five Sea Trout at the big weir and the Anchor gates

Anchor Sluice open for the winter

Anchor Sluice open for the winter

were chained wide open for the winter. Fish had been seen at Red Bridge as part of the annual spawning run. I saw a Red Kite that morning and two Herons on a pool in a field. I checked the pool but there were no fish stranded there and the Herons squawked at me in protest at being disturbed. I saw nothing two days later at the usual spawning sites; the river was quite coloured and heavy rain was forecasted. The rain came in over night and throughout the morning. We had a successful Bonfire Night in Isfield with a huge bonfire and a firework display. A credit to all I felt. Sunday, 16th. was very mild. I could see Blackcap in a mist. I went to look at the Bevern and other tributaries which all looked high and coloured. When I got to Sharp

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