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UK National Fish Vote

UK National Fish Vote

Take part in the first UK National Fish Vote to find the nation's favourite freshwater and marine species. http://www.btwlfishproject.com/#%21uk-national-fish/gus4w

Free Cover Crop Demonstration Events

Free Cover Crop Demonstration Events

Catchment Sensitive Farming together with The Campaign for the Farmed Environment and Action for the River Kennet announce a series of nine on-farm demonstrations throughout the southeast of England. The events will start with short presentations about COVER CROPS...

Are we killing our rivers?

Are we killing our rivers?

Overuse, pollution and climate change are threatening the survival of the river Ouse in East Sussex. Read the full article and interview with OART Field Officer Jim Smith in todays Guardian...

Volunteers help OART on the Adur

Volunteers from the Environment Agency joined OART at Twineham today, lending a hand to install coir matting and vegetated coir rolls to the newly created backwaters. The rolls, which are pre-established with mature wetland plants such as purple loosestrife, yellow...

Mink on the River Adur

The American Mink (Neovison vison) is a non-native species which escaped/was released from fur farms around 70 years ago. This semi-aquatic species is a mustelid (same family as stoats, badgers, weasels and otters) and eats rodents, fish, crustaceans, frogs and birds....


Jims Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

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