Jim's Diary

Country Ramblings from the OART Field Officer

Jim Smith was a founder member of the Sussex Ouse Conservation Society, which then amalgamated with the River Adur Conservation Society to form OART. Jim spent the whole of his working life on the River Ouse and during his retirement has given his time to OART as its Field Officer and to the Ouse Angling Preservation Society as Head Bailiff. His knowledge of the river and its habitats is legendary. He also knows most of the riparian owners in the catchment and is greatly respected by all of them. Every quarter Jim writes his observations and experiences from being out and about on the river.

Jim’s Diary May – July 2014

First of all thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages while I was ill. I am now fully recovered and have been given a clean bill of health. In early May I had a trip to the Fenlands of the Great Ouse and River Nene. What a change from our own Ouse valley. The...

Jim the Fish

Jim's Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

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