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Country Ramblings from the OART Field Officer

Jim Smith was a founder member of the Sussex Ouse Conservation Society, which then amalgamated with the River Adur Conservation Society to form OART. Jim spent the whole of his working life on the River Ouse and during his retirement has given his time to OART as its Field Officer and to the Ouse Angling Preservation Society as Head Bailiff. His knowledge of the river and its habitats is legendary. He also knows most of the riparian owners in the catchment and is greatly respected by all of them. Every quarter Jim writes his observations and experiences from being out and about on the river.

Jim’s Diary Autumn 2015

JULY On July 20th out in the Ouse valley some very low flow conditions were causing me concern as a number of sea trout were lost. The count was about 30 and the Environment Agency were informed. I had fears of furumculosis that spreads like wildfire through sea trout...

Jim’s Diary Summer 2015

MAY Friday 1st May saw the start of another Ouse sea trout season. I walked the river and there was the odd sea trout angler about but no trout. However, I did hear the sounds of cuckoo and some small bird activity in the river side vegetation as well as seeing at...

Jim’s Diary Winter 2014/15

NOVEMBER 2014 5th November started with a cold and frosty morning just right for the annual Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations. It was fine and cold and I had a very enjoyable evening in Lewes. Earlier I had watched for Sea Trout running up through the Mills and saw...

Jim’s Diary July – October 2014

JULY There was a change in weather patterns on 28th. July when we had a heavy summer thunder storm with hail and rain. I suspected that such a storm could cause run-off problems. Sure enough the next day a pollution incident with dead fish was reported at Clappers...

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Jim's Diary

Country ramblings from OART field officer Jim Smith

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