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OART is a small registered charity with big ambitions to improve the ecology of the rivers and their associated floodplains within our catchment. Run by a board of trustees and a management committee with one freelance project officer, OART has been going from strength to strength. However, we are always looking for people willing to help us out, whether it be on a regular basis or just every now and again. The information and links below will provide information on those areas of our work for which we are looking for volunteers, as you will see there is a wide range of activities we need help with and there is bound to be something which suits all ages and abilities. Our big focus is to recruit help within the Adur Catchment where we are starting to undertake more work and run monitoring programmes, however, wherever you live, whatever your interest there is always something going on at OART which may be of interest.


OART (logo image only)Joining OART is one of the simplest ways to help wildlife in the Sussex River Ouse and Adur corridors. If you join us you will also be helping us fight against development that is threatening this sensitive ecological environment. Every member provides much needed financial support and strengthens the voice of the trust helping to protect this beautiful unspoilt area of Sussex, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone – now and in the future. There is no obligation to participate in our varied activities unless of course you would like to. For more information on membership click here


OART volunteers training for RHS surveys

We organise a range of activities for volunteers such as in-channel habitat creation, tree planting and gravel cleaning with monthly activities planned throughout the summer. A calendar of activities is available on the website here and is being updated with new activities all the time.  Mike, the leader of our Volunteer Task Force would love to hear from you if you have an interest in undertaking practical tasks and can be contacted at



Water quality - collecting samples

Our water  quality testing team are also looking for help, especially on the River Adur catchment  where  our monitoring programme is in its infancy. We can provide you with all the knowledge,  equipment  and  support you need to undertake this vital part of our work programme. We test  both chemical and  biological water quality and whilst you need only loads of enthusiasm and be willing to learn, we are  also keen to hear from  you if you have knowledge of aquatic  invertebrate identification or  experience of chemical water testing. For more information  on our testing programme click here or contact us at


Are you interested in becoming more involved with OART? Do you have time to spare and a commitment to helping conserve and enhance the ecology of our river corridors? The OART committee is always looking for new members to help with a wide range of tasks such as event coordination, marketing, helping with monitoring programmes and general day to day tasks associated with running the Trust. If you are interested in becoming involved email us at

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